What does the acronym I.C.A.N. mean?

Issues Concerning Adolescents of Nevada

When was I.C.A.N. established?

The organization was established in 2006 by friends who wanted to keep their experiences in similar groups as teens alive for future generations.

How can I get involved and how old do you have to be?

If you are ages 11 to 17, you attend monthly youth meetings, held the first Monday of each month during the school year. They are geared to maintain the camp feeling throughout the school year in a fun and educational environment. Parents are welcome at the youth meetings as well as board of directors meetings.

I would like to get involved, but I’m an adult. Is that possible?

Adults are welcome to participate in I.C.A.N. in a number of ways, including adult staff at Leadership Camp, guest speaker and board member. No positions are paid as all of our members, young and old, are volunteers. You just have to be prepared to sing camp songs, possibly make a fool out of yourself at a no-talent talent show and make sure children feel empowered and strong. It will likely be more the latter than the former, but anything is possible!

Does it cost anything to attend monthly meetings?

No. All you have to bring to a monthly meeting is your smile and energy. And, on occasion, snacks. We love snacks.

What I can expect during a monthly meeting?

Monthly meetings are planned as fun yet educational experiences programmed by our adult and youth leaders. Meetings can feature everything from brainstorming sessions for future activities and guest speakers to field trips and holiday cookie exchanges. Meetings are what you make of them. Be prepared to make friends and leave feeling a little better than when you walked through the door.

Where are meetings held?

To accommodate students (and their parent/guardian drivers), we try to have meetings in different locations across the Las Vegas Valley.

What is Leadership Camp?

The five- to seven-day camp consists of speakers, workshops and curriculum to educate and empower young adults to be self-reliant, inspirational peer and community role models. Held in the cool mountains of Lee Canyon, located 45 miles northwest of Las Vegas, camp is affordable, compared to other sleep away camps in the Las Vegas Valley. Registration includes food, lodging, workshops, speakers, a T-shirt, materials and activities, including a dance, campfires and talent show. Transportation to and from camp is available from a park-and-ride location to be announced as the time approaches.

How much does Leadership Camp cost?

The price varies by year, but is much cheaper than other similar sleep-away camps in the area. You can apply here.