Issues Concerning Adolescents of Nevada (I.C.A.N.) is a Nevada corporation with 501 (c)3 nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I.C.A.N.’s adult leaders have decades of experience in drug and alcohol abuse prevention along with other obstacles that hinder teens’ abilities to make well-informed decisions. Many of the adults were once teens in similar programs, leaving a long-lasting legacy of leadership in the community.

Leadership Camp, our largest activity of the year, provides a curriculum that teaches smart life choices through leadership training to youth ages 11 to 17. The skills learned and the friendships made during camp are carried over into monthly youth meetings during the school year to reiterate the message and keep youth on track for a positive future.

Special Programs:

Previous camp participants and youth staff ages 12 to 18 can take part in I.C.A.N’s performance group and spread the organization’s messages through fine arts and performance media. Most of the skits, monologues and poems were written and performed by the youth – past and present – and consist of issues explored in serious and light-hearted context. Our focus on youth keeps the group connected to what is trending and with concerns important to today’s youth.

The group also makes up the Drug-Free Variety Show at Leadership Camp, so to be involved, you must be attending camp in the current year.

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