Be an ICAN Sponsor!
Your donation to Issues Concerning Adolescents of Nevada will enable us to continue serving the youth population of Las Vegas and Nevada. Each year ICAN reaches out to the youth in the Clark County area about the negative effects of substance abuse and other harmful behaviors by educating them through meetings, conferences, camps and activities. $

Benefits to the donor are based on a tiered system described below:

Bronze Tier: $250.00 Donation
– We will link to your website on our sponsors page

Silver Tier: $500.00 Donation
– Bronze Tier Benefits and…
– We will display your company’s logo on our sponsors page

Gold Tier: $1000.00 Donation
– Silver Tier Benefits and…
– We will add your company’s logo to our events banner (displayed at all ICAN functions)

Platinum Tier: $2500.00 Donation
– Gold Tier Benfits and…
– We will add your company’s logo to all of our distributed materials and add your company’s logo to the margin of each page on our site

Donations are payable to Issues concerning Adolescents of Nevada by check, cash or money order and can be mailed to:

3939 Monthill Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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