Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp

What is Leadership Camp? An intensive, week-long retreat in the cool mountains of Lee Canyon where we focus on mentoring, leadership training, and drug prevention.

During the week, we engage in a myriad of different activities including traditional camp events such as campfires, scavenger hunts, a dance, a night hike and a talent show, along with more experience-based activities aimed at teaching leadership development, communication and prevention skills. At Leadership Camp, we encourage our participants to learn, grow, create, and build a lifetime of skills, friendships and long-lasting memories. Kids are encouraged to become active members at camp and most of our activities are run by trained ICAN teens.

A typical day at Leadership Camp begins with energizers, a hearty breakfast made by our camp chef, and a family group session filled with activities. Next up, a wide array of guest speakers provide insight and advice on topics chosen by our teen members that reflect important youth-related issues. After lunch and more energizers, our staff leads the participants in an all-camp activity such as a hike, scavenger hunt, group- building activity, or a variety show. Campers then join their family groups for more activities and a debriefing of the day’s events. Dinner and energizers follow, after which we hold another all-camp activity such as a campfire, night hike, talent show, or dance.

2017 Camp Youth Staff Application
2017 camp application
2017 Financial Aid Application

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